Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Writing . . . and more

The book Creating a Cooperative Learning Center: An Ideabook for Homeschooling Families is now for sale on eBay at only $2.99! The book was published at $16.95. Grab this bargain!


CCLC Cover


This blog section is under development; I’ll be adding more as time allows. So please visit again!

Comments on: "Writing . . . and more" (4)

  1. I’m stopping in to visit your blog this evening, Katharine, as I’ve been catching up on my emails today and noted that I had saved the notice that you’d visited my site. Thank you for that.

    There are many good words out here on your site that are very much a part of my creative/writing lifestyle as well.

    I look forward to getting to know about you and your work–and reading your blog posts.

    For sure–creativity IS most definitely a wonderful spiritual practice. May we both continue.


    • I did not know that Rebecca Groff had read Katherine Houk’s Blog. I wear an inter faith medallion that is similar to the one Katherine was gifted by her husband when she was ordained a minister. Hers is gold while mine is silver.

      I’ll never forget our meeting in Rhinebeck, NY, when we met while I was attending a meditation retreat at Omega Institute. I am so happy to see and become aware that two of my favorite people are now enjoying each others company.

      Cool, real cool!

      Michael J


  2. Barbara said:

    In read a quote in one of Christine Valter Paintner’s Journals and was interested in knowing more about you. I love your fiber art and also the deeper meaning of your work. I have signed up to be on your email list. Thank you for this inspiration,


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