Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Katharine Houk

Education and Training:

BS in Design in Textiles, Summa Cum Laude, State University College at Buffalo, NY

MA in Ministry in Daily Life and Religious Leadership, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT

Additional work at Andover Newton Theological School, Newton,  MA;  St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry, Albany, NY;  and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New York, NY.

Organizations: Unitarian Universalist Society of Community Ministries, Spiritual Directors International, Institute on Religion in an Age of Science, Sanctuary Without Walls, Wellspring Haven, Canaan Congregational Church, Chatham Area Pastors’ Association, One Spirit Interfaith Alliance, St. David’s Welsh Society of the Capital District, Women’s Interfaith Institute in the Berkshires, ChathamArt.

Personal: Married, mother of three and grandmother of two.

Interests: art and religion, Celtic spirituality, religious naturalism, sacred play, the natural world, alternatives in education, textile art and mixed media, and autoimmune health issues.


To see my textile artwork, visit my fiber art page.

Contact Information: kjh at sanctuarywithoutwalls.com (replace the “at” with a “@” symbol.)

Comments on: "Katharine Houk" (16)

  1. HI Katharine, I trained in textile design too in London UK!!!!


  2. yes!


  3. […] reminded me of the time my first-born was a toddler, and Katharine Houk, who had a child the same age, took my son for two mornings a week so that I could work in the […]


  4. When I was a very young child, my mother typed theses and books for the Hartford Seminary students and faculty…so i had people from all over the world in my home most every day…trust you got my last message
    be well…do good works…and keep in touch


    • Thank you for your comment, Carl. Did you ever attend any courses / events at Hartford Seminary? I found it to be a wonderfully diverse environment for learning.


  5. Hello Katharine,
    I stumbled across your blog this evening when searching for things on Celtic Spirituality. I’m very excited have encountered it and look forward to continuing to read it! I’ve been very interested in the last year in exploring various religious/spiritual styles and practices, and I appreciate your vast array of knowledge and sharing on the subject. I just graduated from St. Bernard’s school of Theology and Ministry in Rochester myself!
    I also began a blog of my own this week! Now that I’ve finished school I’ve been looking for a new niche and the blogging world might be it!
    Peace and Joy,


    • Chris, Thank you for stopping by! Congratulations on your graduation.

      Many years ago, I was at a conference where a Native American said to us, “You all have indigenous traditions. Don’t appropriate traditions that are not your own.” I began doing some research, and found strong family roots in Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Since then I’ve participated in Celtic organizations and rituals, done lots of reading, and started learning to speak Welsh (my grandmother came to this country from Wales). It’s been deeply meaningful to me.

      I, too, am new to the world of blogging, and am just finding my way. I’ll check out your blog. Keep in touch!


  6. Hi, Katharine, were you at Hartford Seminary when my mentor from Berkeley (Pacific School of Religion), Barbara Brown Zikmund, was there?


    • Hello, Priscilla, Thanks for your comments on my blog.
      In answer to your question, yes, I was at HS when Barbara Brown Zikmund was there. So she was your mentor!
      More a bit later….


  7. Katharine, I love your site! This is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful! Where are you in NY state? Email if you want. I’m in NW Pennsylvania.


  8. Katherine, I hope you keep this up. I love your blog. And I would love to do a WW gathering here in New Mexico.

    Fran, Albuquerque


  9. Katheryn Houk said:

    Katharine, I am Katheryn Houk of the Houks in Kansas. Found your website when googling my articles. Do you have an ancestry tree? Curious if there is a connection as I have much in common with you. Art degree, spiritual, musical with the name Houk.


    • Interesting! Pleased to “meet” you, Katheryn.
      I do not know much about my family tree on my father’s side. I believe the Houks of my family were from Ohio. I did have our Paternal haplogroup tested. Have you engaged in DNA family studies?
      Do you have a blog or website?
      Thanks for stopping by.


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