Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

About This Blog

This is my personal blog reflecting on life, art, ministry, and other parts of my life.


~ safety, connection, and peace.

Without Walls

~ openness of mind and heart;
~ spiritual sustenance in the wider world of nature;
~ permeability of the sacred and the everyday;
~ our interconnection with the world around us, as well as our understanding of the world within us.

Here I post my thoughts on a variety of topics. The Tag Cloud gives an inkling of the content of my posts.

To visit the site for my textile artwork, click here.


Comments on: "About This Blog" (11)

  1. Live any where near Omega Institute?

    michael j,
    outside Philly


  2. A peaceful and beautiful place, Katharine….


  3. natureloversunited said:


    Thank you so much for creating this blog and for visiting the one I just created today. It was inspiring to have a visitor within hours of putting it online. I will visit your .org site as well. I noticed that you live in NY state. What better state to be in for Nature in all her glory. My wife is from Oswego which is about 40 miles north of Syracuse. I’m sure you know the place. Her family roots though are in Franklin County in far Northern NY. We travel there every year (St. Regis Falls) for the family reunion which we organize. I see it as a religious pilgrimage and spend as much time as I can walking through the woods. We will be back up there the first two weeks in August.

    Blessings to you and thank you again,



    • Robert,
      I am familiar with Northern New State, and agree that there are lovely woods, streams, rivers and lakes there. I spent my summers playing by the Grasse River and canoeing the Raquette River. It was near Higley Flow that I met my first Lady Slipper, made the acquaintance of Wintergreen, and had a chipmunk eat out of my hand. It was thrilling. Her tiny front paws were ticklish and cold on my skin! Such childhood experiences have stayed with me throughout my life.
      Thanks for your comments; please visit again.


  4. Christina Cronk said:

    I’ve never heard of SWW before now but it sounds wonderful! I wish I still lived in NE instead of N FL… The trails at Taughkannuk Falls in Ithaca were some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever experienced. So glad I came across your blog today, we have many beliefs in common.


    • Christina,
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I took a peek at yours – especially liked the “aliveness” poem.
      I do wish you lived closer!


  5. Love the photography (interesting)..overall blog very peaceful feeling comes to mind.


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