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It has been some time since I posted here. As some of you may know from my earlier posts, my health has been challenged in a big way for the past five years. Actually, it began before that, about twenty years ago, but doctors couldn’t determine what was wrong for fifteen of those years. By the time I was diagnosed, I was at Stage 3 out of 4. The autoimmune condition (Primary Biliary Cholangitis with Autoimmune Hepatitis overlap) is incurable, but a liver transplant can prolong life.

On November 23rd, 2015, I was finally transplanted, at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Miraculously, an anonymous living donor had come forward. This person is unknown to me. He or she had intended to donate to another person, and went through the health workups and evaluation, but the transplant did not happen. I do not know why not. The donor decided to go ahead anyway, donating a piece of his/her liver to a stranger in need. Because of my poor quality of life, my blood type and my relatively small size, I was chosen. I received the left lobe of the donor’s liver, and the pieces grew back to almost full size very quickly for us both. My new liver grew to almost full size by eight weeks post-surgery!

K with plush liver - Version 3

At six months after the surgery I will be allowed to (anonymously) contact the donor through the clinic to express my gratitude. If all goes well, years will be added to my life. Transplantation is not a cure, for the problem does recur in some cases, but already the new organ has made a huge difference in my quality of life and well being.

Now I am recovering from the surgery. The most dangerous time, regarding rejection of the transplant, is in the first three to four months post-surgery. I have made it past that point with no rejection episodes. Hurrah! Full healing will take at least a year. But today, to celebrate Easter and enjoy this fine early Spring day, I walked in the woods with my husband, looking for signs of seasonal renewal.

Easter 2016, Renewal!

This was my worship today, because being immuno-compromised by anti-rejection drugs, I am still avoiding groups of people in close quarters. This year especially, Easter is very meaningful to me, as I experience life anew, with energy, gratitude, and hope for the future.

PS – Share Life! Be an organ donor!

Comments on: "Easter: Rebirth & Renewal" (8)

  1. Hoorah! Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy New Life! We are so happy to have you back!


  2. Pat Liddle said:

    Wonderful to hear from you and that you were able to get outside for a walk. Always healing, especially this time of year. Here’s to more energy for more exploration.


  3. You talked me into being a donor. I don’t know what if anything they could use from this old body or mine, but I’ll give it to ’em as long as they can cremate whatever they can’t use.

    I’m still wearing the inner-faith medallion like the one your husband got you when you were ordained. I think of you every time someone asks about it. That’s just about every other day!

    God keep you alive for the many others in our lifetime that a bodhisattva like you can help bring to the light.

    With all my love,

    Michael J

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    • Michael, It’s wonderful to hear from you! You have traveled and had many experiences since I saw you. Now that I am regaining my health I’ll try to be a better correspondent. You’ll be a donor?? Fantastic! I’m certain your donations will be a blessing for many people in need. Not just organs, but tissues and much more are needed. I am listed as a donor as well, hoping to help others. Keep in touch!


  4. Welcome back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, John. During my long journey I have regularly followed your blog, being uplifted by your photos and posts. I particularly seek out your studies in texture and your close-ups. Art heals!


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