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Sewing box


My daughter’s birthday was a couple of months ago. Because the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, she is a “maker,” like her Mom, so I decided to decorate a box in which she can keep all those little things. I am unable to use my sewing machine now, so I’ve been finding projects I can do while resting.

The plain box below was for sale for $14.95.

Plain Sewing Box


I used paint and objects I found around the house.

Sewing box, right top drawer

Above:  Open right drawer of box. Includes a rose packet of vintage needles.



Sewing box, right side open


Above:  The other level, open, on the right side of the box. I used a vintage pattern, and gave her some bling.



Sewing box, front drawer open


Above: An image of the girl herself  is in the front top center drawer.



Sewing box, back

Above: a portion of the back of the box.



Sewing box left side

Above: the left side of the box.



Sewing Box Front

Above: Sewing box front.



This project was fun!



Comments on: "Sewing box" (5)

  1. What a gorgeous creation! I’m sure she will treasure it always 🙂


  2. I can imagine how deeply moved your daughter must be, to have one of your beautiful creations become a real presence for her… forever. The work of your hands is a blessing! I still have the crown you (and I think your daughter) made for me. I put it on my altar recently and it really shines upon the whole room!! thanks again for the crown and for posting about this latest creation.


  3. This is quite cool. I’ve been negligent about keeping up with your posts. Sorry I missed this for so long. Hope you are well. Patsye


    • Patsye, Thanks for your note! I’ve been following your watercolor adventures. You are amazing! As for being well, I’m still awaiting a transplant, but I am stable for now, which is great. Keep posting! Katharine


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