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My dead-letter folder

It is true.

NOT that I have died, which may be the conclusion some of you have reached due to my blog absence.

I have not died. It IS true that I don’t send on chain letters. Maybe this has something to do with being a loner – despite all the gatherings I’ve planned and coordinated over the years.

Now you know. So please don’t send me any more chain letters. They end up in my dead-letter folder.


Right now I am in bed with my laptop, having hit my late afternoon energy wall.  I’ll begin posting here again, eventually. After all, it will soon be Spring, with its newness, freshness, and clarity.  Yum.


Comments on: "My dead-letter folder" (7)

  1. Hope your energy walls get shorter and eventually disappear real soon for you, Katherine.

    I also hope I’ve never been guilty of sending you a chain letter. I “don’t do” them myself.

    Look forward to future beautiful photography and writings from you.


  2. Can’t waiot until Spring!


  3. “Wait” that is. You get the idea.

    michael j


  4. I’m with you! I detest broadcasted emails. If I see it’s a chain letter or just a bunch of jokes, or pictures, I delete without reading. And I’ve told everyone I don’t open them, so if there is a hidden message, or something personal, they need to send it just to me.

    So not to worry. You’ll never get anything like that from me. And those lucky ones, that say if you don’t send on you’ll get unlucky….well perhaps that’s where all my bad luck comes from. lol. Who believes this stuff anyhow? People with more time on their hands than I have.

    It is spring here. It’s either spring, summer, or more summer. We had some very cold nights, but then it’s getting warm again. If there wasn’t so much pollen, I’d open the windows.

    Glad you plan to post more. I think of you every day. Patsye


  5. Tanya Avakian said:

    I’ve sent a few chain mails out of misguided sympathy for the sender, but I don’t send them at all anymore, aware that any kindness to the sender is cancelled by unhappiness for the person on the receiving end. I’m glad to see that neither of us so far has suffered an Awful Fate as a result (like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who would not take the garbage out).


  6. No chain letters for me either. And may spring bring fresh energy and warmth!


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