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Solstice Darkness

I thought I’d be experiencing silence on this dark, solstice night. But outside thunder rumbles in the dark, while rain pelts the windows. There will probably be no snow this Christmas.

Inside, the Christmas tree – with no lights or trimmings – stands in a corner in the living room. Hanukkah candles offer a small, wavering light, which will grow as the week goes on.

Winter officially begins, even as we are about to slowly see more daylight.

This has been an intense year for me, because I was given a gift which is slowly bringing into focus the areas of my life where I wish to use my energy. That gift is a “live-in-the-moment” way of being, acknowledging what is and moving on from there, one step in front of another.

The Christmas tree has not been trimmed because my youngest daughter is eager to do it with me when she arrives tomorrow. It will be a delight to be with two of my three grown children. Hopefully I’ll see my eldest daughter and my grandchildren in late winter or spring.

Here’s more light, in the form of light humor. My Jewish brother-in-law sent the following Hanukkah greeting:

Top 5 Hanukkah Songs That Never Quite Caught On
5. “Oy To The World”
4. “Bubbie Got Run Over By A Reindeer”
3. “Matzo Man” by The Lower East Side Village People
2. “Come On, Baby, Light My Menorah”
And the #1 Hanukkah song that never quite caught on…
1.  “Silent Night? I Should Be So Fortunate!”

Comments on: "Solstice Darkness" (11)

  1. Rachel Kelly said:

    thinking of you a lot lately. hope you are feeling ok, if not well. please don’t hesitate to call if you need anything! lots of love, rachel 518-610-5015 oh! and i was telling a neighbor here in copake, mother of 2 of dylan’s playmates, that you two would love to meet. she is also an amazing seamstress, designer, creative light: http://www.vilmare.net/


  2. loved your post; a great combination of introspection and humor!


  3. Happy Solstice to you, Katharine. I miss you dearly and wish you the best of all possible joys and satisfactions.
    Much Love,


  4. Dearest Katharine,

    Your posting is moving… and beautiful. On this solstice, every one of my prayers are for you to be well. Be well Katharine. You surround nature and nature surrounds you. XOX


  5. You are so lucky, and I know you know and feel this. You have children and they are with you. You are beautiful. You are supremely creative. You are talented. You are so kind and generous. You are smart and insightful. You are very strong. You have a sense of who you are and where you are. You are patient and loving. You live in the moment. You know the value of nature. You have faith. You inspire me and others. Life has blessed you in so many ways. I hope this is your best holiday ever. I look forward to reading more of your posts next year. Patsye


    • Patsye,
      What an enthusiastic comment! All I can say is “back at you.” You are very special to me, fabulously creative and generous and inspiring. Thank you for reminding me of the blessings in my life. Two of my three “children” are here, and it has been lovely. I hope to post some photos in the next few days.
      Warm Christmas wishes to you and your husband.


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