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Random Crow Thoughts

This evening the crows gathered, with the moon almost full.

The weather has been warm, not typical November weather. I love the feel and smell of autumn, so I’m happy with this warm sunny spell.

The crows put me in mind of The Dark is Rising (Susan Cooper). Crows as harbingers. There is a sense of stillness, of waiting.

Again my life is filled with a series of ER and doctor visits. The most recent was for my mother’s fall. Life is such a mixture of beauty and pain.

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  1. The Dark is Rising is a wonderful series. Your image of crows in the night helps bring across some of the moodiness and strangeness of that first book, when the hero discovers he is one of the old ones

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    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Galen. I just visited yours – what fabulous animal and bird photos!
      I’ve kayaked in and near Key West, but did not take a camera with me.
      Next time!


  2. Beautiful photo, and as you know I feel badly you are going through these hard times. Crows are harbingers of what? I don’t know nor have I read the series. Hope your mom is better soon. Patsye


    • Patsye,
      Some cultures consider crows as harbingers of doom, death, or evil. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for crows. They are intelligent, and survivors, and are associated with Morrigan, the Irish triple goddess who is not only guardian of the dead, but in some tales is a healer and protector of the land.
      My mother is healing well, but it will take a long time. Right now my sister is visiting, which I hope will be helpful.
      My husband took the moon and crow photo. It’s great having access to the results of his photography passion!


  3. Christina Cronk said:

    Your photograph is beautiful- I love the moon, and I too have a fondness for crows/ravens. Although in the Pacific Northwest (which is where my attraction comes from) they are believed to be the bringers of light, and are often depicted in artwork as carrying the moon in their bellies.

    I love Susan Cooper’s series. It’s been years since I’ve read it through – perhaps I should dust them off and enjoy them again. Thank you for the reminder.


    • I love it! Carrying the moon in their bellies!
      Your comment came at a perfect time for me.
      Someday, I will explain.
      Thank you for stopping by, Christina. I visited your blog and have signed up to follow it.


  4. I love the Dark is Rising books. I hope all is well with you in your world.
    Louisa x


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