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Early Snow, Green Leaves

Many of the leaves on the trees have not yet turned color and fallen, yet last evening was our first snow of the season. The photos below were taken around my home and studio in the early morning light.

The echinacea plants are wearing tall, snowy caps.

The yew bushes simply bend.

A view from my studio window. Snow was sifting down in the early sunshine, giving the air a dreamy quality.

A few minutes later, the sky was intensely blue.

The clothesline.

Now, in the early afternoon, the snow is melting away.

Transitory pleasures, but certain to be repeated. This is just the beginning!

Comments on: "Early Snow, Green Leaves" (12)

  1. The snow looks so pretty, although oddly out of place with all the green that remains. Quite a contradiction.


    • Robin,
      Years ago we had a heavy, wet snow on October 4th. Because the leaves were on the trees, the snow brought down limbs, trees, power lines. We were without power for days.
      This time the snow was lighter, and more leaves had fallen – no broken boughs here!


  2. Exquisite, Katharine ~ thank you for these moments of beauty… sometimes transitory makes them all the more precious.


  3. These are magnificent, Katharine. We’ve been watching the reports of early snows on the Weather Channel and enjoying the pictures. The coming fireplace/hot tea season is welcome as far as I’m concerned.


    • Rebecca,
      Looks like we’re due for a storm tomorrow and Sunday, with predicted power outages. Before Halloween!
      Thanks for stopping by; I’m happy you like my photos.


  4. I see snow as an awakening call from nature.

    We here in the Philadelphia area got our first snowfall the day after you captured the Hudson Valley in your photgraphic journalism.

    I hope all goes well and that you weather all storms that might come your way.

    michael j


    • The snow is really piling up here now! I plan to take a walk in it this evening. With my camera ~ which is another way of being of focused and in-the-moment.


  5. These pictures warm my heart. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps we’ll have a miracle here and get some of this inexplicable October snow. Probably not. Did you get your package? Patsye


    • Patsye,
      I’m about to post more photos. We got 9 – 10 inches of snow here last night.
      Package? Yes! But rather than email about such a special gift, I wrote to you. It should arrive tomorrow.


  6. You have really nice pictures! 🙂


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