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Spring (cleaning)

The granddaughters left this morning after a whirlwind trip ~ and I’m recovering (sniffle) from the bug they left with me. Spring cleaning calls to me, despite my aches and pains.

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  1. *Smile*

    I find grandchildren are and give us such wonderful gifts. From hugs and sloppy kisses to sharing a part of their life – colds. *sigh* Makes me miss mine all the more. Hope to see some of them in a few months.



    • Thanks for your comment, Jeff. My grands are far away, living in palm tree paradise. But they will probably spend the summer with me – an experiment while their daddy is in Sudan.
      Visited “plain stuff,” much resonated with me. More on that later.
      ~ Katharine


  2. Beautiful flower. 🙂

    I get the sniffles when my granddaughters leave, too. Sometimes it’s just because they have left. But there are times when those sniffles are related to gifts left behind.


    • Robin,
      Good thought! However, the sniffles have now morphed into a deep cough. Ugh.
      The girls will return soon, so I have another visit to look forward to.


  3. Barbara Rodgers said:

    What a gorgeous pansy! I hope you’re feeling better soon – the only thing worse than spring cold is a summer cold…


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