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Awakening to Wonder

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Today on an NPR blog I read about a symposium (at Concordia College in Minnesota) regarding “re-enchantment.” The posting caught  my eye because “re-enchantment” is one of my forms of sacred play.

From the College’s website:

Awakening to Wonder: Re-enchantment in a Post-Secular Age
Sept. 14-15

The symposium will explore the role of wonder in today’s world by asking such questions as:

  • What role does wonder play in popular culture, including literature, movies, and games, and what is the significance of the current attention to wonder and mystery in these areas?
  • What place does wonder have within the intellectual vocation of making sense of the world?
  • Can reason and wonder coexist, or are they in serious conflict with one another?
  • How and why is the place of religion changing in the contemporary world?
  • Do such changes in religion involve changes in our sense of the world as a locus of wonder?
  • What are the experiences writers in a wide range of fields of study have in mind when they speak of re-enchantment?
  • Do shared experiences of wonder represent a common ground where people of different faiths, cultures, and academic disciplines might meet, understand and appreciate each other, or explore solutions to problems they have in common?

How I wish I could have attended! A post-secular age. The rebirth of wonder.

At this time of year, when the green melts away from the tree leaves, leaving on display the reds and golds; when the air has that delicious crispness in the morning; when the pace of summer activities has slowed; when I feel myself beginning to be drawn inward ~ the story-spinning part of me begins to awaken, and of course it whispers of inner and far-out worlds. My fingers itch to create masks and otherworldly garments, all in the service of re-enchantment, at a time on the wheel of the year when the earth appears to be falling into a doze.

Awaken! We need new, more expansive ways of understanding the world and our places within it. May our common ground in experiences of wonder lead to many stories, works of imagination, and the enchantment that will empower our creative connections to this amazing planet, and with one another.

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  1. It’s a wonder how much Life is inside if one but takes the time to go within. Day after day, I find something “new” that’s been there, but only clothed in garments I’ve woven through years of practiced seeing.

    michael j

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  2. natureloversunited said:

    There is such a powerful connection between us and our planet. If we really paid attention to it, the wonder we all felt as children would be reborn. I think we get so caught up in our daily lives that we lose sight of those things which tickle our noses, brush through our hair, make our flesh tingle and brighten our eyes. Regardless of our backgrounds, we all share the same mother. We are brothers and sisters just as if we had come from the same womb. Our mother, our earth gave birth to us all and she is filled with so many things which both challenge those who seek to reason and delight those who want only to experience her power and her beauty. In other words, there is something for everyone and no matter how you think or how you believe our mother speaks to us with the same beautiful voice. We have but to open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our arms to embrace the message she brings.


    Be at peace, take a breath and let your heartbeat slow
    as you embrace the world around you seeking renewal.

    Breathe deep the smells on the flowing winds
    and release the tensions of another stressful day.
    Listen to the beauty and view the sounds around you;
    a strange mix of senses that mix well together.

    Feel the warm sun as it heats up your face
    and floods it with the unmistakable glow of life.
    Reach forth your hands to touch the sky
    and feel your feet form roots into the soil.

    Behold the setting of the sun as the day closes
    and rejoice as the night awakens and takes the stage.
    Know that in a few short breaths it begins again
    and a new day is born full of hope and promise.


    • Robert,
      Thank you for your response and your peaceful poem. The weather here has been beautiful; someone yesterday called it Indian Summer. Golden and red leaves on trees, the scent of autumn in the air.
      Yours in “the glow of life,”


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