Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Only by understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and Earth as a unit within it can we help restore balance to that unit.

Only by placing Earth and its ecosystems – about which we now understand so much – at the centre of all our thinking can we avert ecological disaster .

Only by bringing our thinking back into balance with feeling, intuition and awareness and by grounding ourselves in a sense of the sacred in all things can we achieve a new level of consciousness.

Thus says the website of the book GreenSpirit: Path to a new Consciousness. In a couple of weeks the author, Marian Van Eyk McCain, will be speaking about this book upstairs in the Community Room at the Real Food Co-op in Chatham. (Please note that the Co-op is not open for business on Sundays.) I’m very happy that Marian will be here, and I’d like you all to meet her. She is also author of the book Elderwoman: Reap the Wisdom – Feel the Power – Embrace the Joy, which ties in with Growing Older, Growing Wiser: Becoming an Elderwoman, a seven-part series beginning in Chatham on September 14th.

Please help me spread the message about her talk at the Co-op on September 12, 2 PM. Thanks!

Here is a poster with the details:

GreenSpirit Poster

Comments on: "Sense of the Sacred ~ Please help me spread the word!" (2)

  1. Rachel Kelly said:

    Subject: Marian Van Eyk McCain’s talk at the Chatham Co-op on September 12, 2 PM.‏

    Dear Friends,

    My friend, Katharine Houk, from Chatham, is putting together some exciting events in Chatham this September. If you click on the link near the bottom – GreenSpirit Poster – you will see the invitation to Marian Van Eyk McCain’s talk at the Chatham Co-op on September 12, 2 PM.

    There is also a seven-part series beginning on September 14th in Chatham: Growing Older, Growing Wiser: Becoming an Elderwoman.

    See if you can finagle a way to get on Katharine’s blog subscriber list: Sanctuary Without Walls. You’ll get the invites and updates herein: https://sanctuarywithoutwalls.com/

    (this has spiritual underpinnings. if i could best describe Katharine Houk, it would be to say she reminds me to think of, to get in touch with, my innermost woman, my most natural self, my pagan self. she’s my best friend’s mother growing up- another mama to the teenage years… AND (so much more!) an amazing creator of things sewn from great imagination and skill! check out her fiber arts! http://katharinehouk.com/ )

    Lots of love, Rachel

    p.s. …and don’t forget about the Chatham Fair opening this weekend!


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