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Wild Flowers

After several days in the woods with more than a dozen women, I’m slowly adjusting to the indoor world. The rooms seem cramped and stuffy, but I suppose that shouldn’t be surprising, after living outdoors for a few days.

There were many memorable moments. One of my favorites was watching a huge flock of hundreds of birds encircling the clearing in which I was sitting ( a little freaky, in that it reminded me of the Hitchcock movie). They were silent except for the sound of their wings.

The photos show the back of the stone fireplace, where some flat surfaces provided spaces for small “altars” to be created by the women present.

On one evening, we lay on our backs near the coals of the fire and watched for meteors. There were many, but one was absolutely spectacular as it streaked across the sky, leaving a long trail which looked almost double. Later that night I took the rain-fly off my tent so I could continue to watch the stars through the night.

On the last evening, a friend and I created a “dusk walk,” a liminal experience on the paths in the woods, which were lit with candles. The experience left me with the desire to create more outdoor magical experiences for others.

I’m already dreaming about next year’s Wild Flowers event. It is sponsored each summer by the organization Wellspring Haven.

Comments on: "Wild Flowers" (3)

  1. Sounds like a magical experience.


  2. This can become contageous!

    michael j


  3. natureloversunited said:

    Viewing the stars is certainly a magical and spiritual experience. When we were in St.Regis Falls, we spent a great deal of time under the stars watching for those elusive flashing streaks. It is incredibly inspiring when you can view the night sky away from the city lights and actually see the cloud of the milky way. The number of stars and the three dimensional depth of the sky so lacking from a city view is humbling. This experience not only puts you in your place in the grand scheme of things, showing just how small you really are but it also pulls you in and shows you that no matter how small, you are part of the whole and not unimportant. I think that is the ultimate message that we can receive.


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