Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

A blog I read this morning sparked the idea (thank you, Meadowsweet & Myrrh) to ask the many readers  and visitors of this blog to come out of hiding. I invite you to leave a comment, say hello — even if you’re just a lurker, even if you’ve never left a comment here before, why not share a little bit about yourself?

1) Tell me about yourself. Who are you?  What was it that drew you to this blog? What does its title, Sanctuary Without Walls, mean to you? Have you visited the sanctuarywithoutwalls.org site?

2) Tell someone else about this blog.  Send them a link to your favorite post, and let’s see what they say!

3.) Visit again, to see who has made an appearance here!

Comments on: "To all lurkers and silent types" (10)

  1. Rachel Kelly said:

    i’m sulking… yer daughter has not called


  2. Attended first Kabbahah meeting Wednesday and hope to commit to a 3-month study starting Aug. 4. Unless, I’m called away to India, where I hope to go this year.

    michael j


  3. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    First encountered Katharine at UUA General Assembly in Rochester, NY, where I found my lovely black and gold chalice bag that she had made, which I still carry (I call it my Church in a Bag!) which I carry with me to this day with all my UU Lay Ministry and “church-related) paraphernalia, so I have stayed feeling really connected to Katharine ever since 1998. And as a UUA Ministerial Candidate, I am on the path to ordination as a UU Community Minister. My special focus is ministry to minorities, and includes Liliana, the New Sanctuary Movement mom and family (spouse Gerardo and 3 children, with a new one due in a about 3 weeks) living at the UCC parsonage in Simi Valley, California. This is one of my most favorite sites for spiritual renewal, and for that, I am very grateful to Katharine and her divine inspiration….


    • Theadora,
      Thank you for letting me know more about yourself! I love being in touch with another community minister through my blogs. You are a treasure.


  4. natureloversunited said:

    A little bit about myself…. well I am a 42 year old nature lover and lifelong resident of North Central Texas. I love to write both commentaries and poems most of which have a nature slant to them. I am also an amateur nature photographer. I recently decided to share what I had written and create a blog on wordpress. Within two hours of having finished most of the blog, I had a post from Katharine and reciprocated by visiting and posting her site as well. After reading her background, I became curious about UU and started exploring it. To make a long story short I now have a congregational home with a local UU congregation thanks to Katharine’s inspiration and I have maintained communication with her both through our blogs and through email. I feel not only have I found a home but a friend as well. Bless you Katharine.



    • Thanks, Robert.
      I often check new posts on my dashboard, looking for those having to do with nature, and one day there you were. BTW, I finally got the subscription working, so I can follow your blog posts at Nature Lovers United. Thanks for your friendship!


  5. I didn’t know you had a blog.


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