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Buddha Babies

The granddaughters have arrived. The “baby” (age 2) went to bed, but her big sister (age 5) was too excited to sleep. She and I put together some puzzles (remember those Laurie puzzles? made of bright-colored crepe rubber?), then she had a snack. During her snack she told me that she had a Buddha at home. I asked if she knew who the Buddha was, and when she said “no,” I launched into the tale of the prince who left his riches, discovered human suffering, and sat under a tree until he “awakened,” and taught others the eightfold path. Only afterward did I stop and think, Wow, I just had a conversation with a five-year old about suffering and awakening.

It’s going to be an interesting visit with these amazing little girls.  (OK, so I sound like a doting grandma…..)

Comments on: "Buddha Babies" (5)

  1. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    What absolutely lucky little girls!


  2. Happy Grandkids! I can’t wait to see them!


  3. What great story telling.

    She may remember that a long time from now when she starts to put two and two together. And I’m not talking about attending grade school, but sometime later when she begins to question more of Life.

    michael j


    • She’s a somewhat serious and very attentive child, compared to her happy-go-lucky little sister. I’m very curious to see who they will become as they grow and learn, and delighted to be a part of it!
      Thanks for your comment.


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