Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Ankle Speaks

Last night Ankle swelled up and became very tender.

This morning, Ankle spoke.

“You aren’t listening to me!” said Ankle. “I need to heal, and you are making me worse by running hither and thither, acting as though the pain doesn’t bother you!”


“I need to heal,” Ankle insisted. “So you need to rest. Empty your calendar!!”


“Now that you’re finally paying attention, I’ll say it again,” Ankle said, a bit more quietly. “Clear your schedule. Heal.”


Ankle is right.

I spent today with my foot up, rearranging my schedule so that I’ll have time to rest, to listen carefully to Ankle, and respond appropriately. So you may not be seeing much of me.

I am still able to blog, however.


Comments on: "Ankle Speaks" (6)

  1. I am glad to hear you are listening to your ankle! Weren’t you writing a book a while back?


  2. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    Ankle deserves to heard and to be listened to ~ you must obey Ankle… and it will reward you well!


  3. Rachel Kelly said:

    Katharine! You take good care of Ankle! Love and healing wishes, Rachel


  4. Rosemary Bishop said:

    The mind/ego thinks it is all powerful but it’s really the body who runs the show!

    Give your loyal body the love and attention to give to all others, my dear.

    Love, Rose

    PS… it occurs to me that perhaps listening to our inner voices could be a very good way to celebrate the Solstice. Who knows what we may find calling to us and if we slow down a long enough to hear it?


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