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Creative Interchange

Recently I enjoyed an inspiring meeting with a friend whom I met through our mutual involvement with the Women’s Interfaith Institute in the Berkshires. We had reconnected at a recent WII event, so it was a pleasure to have some time with her today.

What happened when we spoke was an experience of what theologian Henry Nelson Wieman might call creative interchange: “whatever it is in human life and experience that transforms us in ways that we cannot transform ourselves.” That was one way, a naturalistic way, that Wieman expressed what he understood God to be.

As my friend and I shared our thoughts, challenges, hopes, with one another, letting down our guard, opening our hearts, we found ourselves drawn to a level of conversation in which we both sensed an expansiveness, a freedom, a growing energy. It was collaboration at its best, at its most “holy.”Already some fruits are ripening from that exchange.

That’s what I love most about bringing people together in groups for learning, sharing, and perhaps even transformation. Wherever two or more are gathered in the name of holy creativity, amazing things can happen.

Comments on: "Creative Interchange" (6)

  1. katmon1 said:

    How serendipitous this post is. I am right now reading Wieman’s Source of Human Good. I too believe in the idea of holy creative interchange. Good stuff, Nun Tuck


    • It’s been a while since I read The Source of Human Good. But I find Wieman’s approach deeply interesting. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Rachel Kelly said:

    very inspiring!


  3. natureloversunited said:

    In the bible we read:

    For where two or three of you are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20 KJV

    In the world of business the concept is referred to as synergy.

    Whatever your walk, it is a universal concept that when people come together for a common purpose that the dynamic nature of human thought and human spirit creates something greater than themselves.

    I’ve always found collaboration with like minded people to be a thought provoking and inspirational experience. This is something we should all strive to experience. Even more inspiring than this however are the times I have been given the opportunity to engage with those of opposing viewpoints.

    Those are the times in which I found myself changing or evolving spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes this change was to strengthen my resolve on a particular point of view and other times I gained new perspectives. In either case the resulting dynamic is almost as fun to watch as to be an active participant.


    • Robert,
      Yes, I had the Bible verse in mind when I posted.
      Thanks for bringing up engagement with those who have different viewpoints. So important. If we engage with an open mind, such encounters can stretch us and enlarge our boundaries.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.


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