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Peebles Island

Despite the rain and some soreness from a fall, today I attended the annual Spring Excursion of Wellspring Haven. The photos on this post were taken by Seth Rockmuller, who rode 34 miles through the rain on his bicycle to attend. The rain did let up, allowing for a walk around the island. Herons, deer, and a fox! Misty moisty weather indeed.

Peebles Island Fairy Ring

Tree roots remind me of Arthur Rackham's illustrations.

All photos by Seth Rockmuller.

Comments on: "Peebles Island" (6)

  1. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    Absolutely lovely ~ thank you for the beauty of the day… sending healing prayers for your aches and pains.


  2. Lovely photos, good work, Seth! Thanks for posting them. I am so sorry to have missed this excursion but happy to hear that it went well and that you got to see all of those creatures!


  3. That has to be one of the most unusual looking butterflies I ever saw. The tree trunk too!

    Nice that the deer could stop by for a look-see.

    michael j


  4. I love those tree roots. That first picture looks like a place near where I live, where there are often deer.


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