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Blossoming Dead Nettle

Sounds like it would be impossible, but my Dead Nettle is in bloom.

Dead Nettle, blooming in June.

Dead Nettle blossoms against today’s blue sky.

Blossoms against the sky.

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  1. Lovely photos, Katharine! I love the angle of the second one! Good work!


  2. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    Love the glorious brilliant color against the blue sky ~ it makes my eyes happy! Thank you for sending that…


  3. Rachel Kelly said:



  4. Rachel Kelly said:

    Hi Katharine! Where is your new Barn Studio? In your barn? Was around the corner at the Chiropractor yesterday and almost stopped in, but had to run home last minute. Hope you are well and was glad to hear from Tahra that your mother is back home with you. Lots of love, Rachel


  5. Rosemary Bishop said:

    Mine is blooming too and looks just like your first photo. I absolutely love it, love the name, love the look. To me it’s vibrant and alive and brings so much light to my shade garden. Wonder how it got it’s name – it’s neither dead nor a nettle.


    • Hello, Rose ,
      So you have dead nettle also! I think the variety I’m growing is called Purple Dragon. DN can be used medicinally. The “dead” refers to the fact that it doesn’t sting, and I think it’s called “nettle” simply because it resembles a nettle. I’m hoping mine will spread.


  6. That’s a Beacon Silver, not a Deadnettle… but they are similar…. I noticed Deadnettle have purplish leaves, while Beacon Silver has the green edge with a white inner. We also have both species in our yard.


    • Dead nettle comes with such a variety of colors in the leaves. Golden, purple, silver. Mine has appeared and produced some lovely purple blooms, despite a season of neglect. Thanks for your note!


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