Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

For the past two weeks I’ve been experiencing a crash course in navigating the hospital and a nursing home, as my mother, 93 this month, underwent some medical difficulties. Today my sister is visiting, offering sibling support, which is fabulous. And tomorrow I plan to be in the pulpit, sharing a Psalm and a passage from John.

In the past few days I have found  a couple of hours of respite in my garden, preparing space for new herbs and flowers, smelling the rich earth: humus, humility, humanity – literally grounding myself as I kneel in the dirt, sensing the budding life force all around me. May my mother feel this greening, growing, healing power, too, as she grows stronger day by day: the miracle of simply being alive.

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  1. Rachel Collins Kelly said:

    Hi Katharine,

    Thinking of you and offering any help you may need. 518-610-5015. I found placement for mom last June and she is in good hands. In our search for nursing homes I was delighted to learn that Pine Haven was the second best rated nursing home in our area, (the first being in Salisbury, CT, where mom is, which is prolly too far from you.) We found Pine Haven a bit rundown and rather blue (the color) on a rainy day, but the medicare rating was 3 stars across the board. It is close to you. Mom had chosen it as her favorite when she was still well because of her work with Hospice. She loved how the staff was so local and invested.

    This site compares nursing homes. We found it very helpful.


    Many warm wishes and gentle hugs to you and your mother during this delicate time. If you need any information I’d be happy to share. It is truly amazing that you have been able to take care of her at home in her own space as you have. You are both blessed and I am sad to say I never met Tahra’s Grandma. 93 is amazing! I am taking care of a woman of 88 years old and love to go to my job. She is teaching me so much!

    All my love to you, Rachel


    • Thank you, Rachel. Yes, I visited Pine haven, after two trusted friends raved about it. I very much appreciate your offer of help and support. At the moment things are going well; we’re hoping she will be able to come home again when she’s stronger, but one never knows. I’m very happy you love your job!


  2. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    Such a wonderful post for Mothers’ Day tomorrow, Katharine ~ may your own mother feel the life force of your healing holy hands, fresh from the soil from which we are all created… blessings do indeed abound, often despite all indications to the contrary.

    The 90th anniversary of my birth mother’s birth was on the 6th of May. She has been gone for 11 years, but I always remember her date of birth.

    My dad, who lives in Appalachin, just turned 89 last April, and is in pretty good form except for severe osteoarthritis. If I come back there for his 90th, I’ll give you some warning…

    In sisterhood, Theadora


  3. Stephanie Keys said:

    May peace, love and sunshine surround you and may the blessings of the Divine be with you and your Mother. My prayers are with you both.

    Stephanie (Toni) Keys


  4. I close my eyes and feel such a warmth from your words. I want to reach out to offer whatever comfort my thoughts can provide you at this time with your mom.

    Here’s love and compassion coming your way . . .

    michael j


  5. Dear Katharine,
    May the joys of spring bring you and your family rays of hope and love during this challenging time! Be well:)


  6. Thank you Chris and Michael J! I have been neglecting my blog with everything else that is happening. I very much appreciate it that you stopped by to offer your support and love.
    My mother has rallied, and we are hopeful that she will be able to return home soon.


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