Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

My friend Marian Van Eyk McCain has edited a new book, GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness.  Because the topics in it are related to my work on Temple of the Cosmos and my interest in our spiritual responses to our world, I intend to read it as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.  Marian also wrote The Lilypad List: 7 Steps to the Simple Life.

8/17/10 News Flash! Marian Van Eyk McCain, editor of and contributor to GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness, will be in Chatham, NY on Sunday, September 12. 2010, 2 PM to speak about the book and about living simply. The Real Food Network Co-op, 15 Church Street, Chatham, NY. This event is sponsored by Sanctuary Without Walls.

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  1. Most of my life, I was too busy with a career or worries about family life, getting the kid off to school, and much earlier, simply staying a live, that I have not devoted time to saving the planet.

    But, in some small ways, I feel I have helped through my caring for animals, and the love of “being in” nature — the woods, the parks, the back yards.

    I hope to become more aware of my connection to the ecosystem. Try to pass it on to friends and to my son. It could be but another small way for me to do a little on my part.

    On a different note, can we change the word “meek” from the interpretaton the Western World uses for the Sermon on the Mound? Never liked that word. Sounds too docile, too “weak” for me to embrace. How about “Gentle?” “The gentle shall inherit the Earth.”

    “Blessed are the Gentle.”

    Now, I can get into that. Kinda like being a “gentle man,” which is as aspiration all young boys can subscribe to becoming.

    michael j


  2. natureloversunited said:

    I find the concept of this book to be quite intriguing. I do believe that I will have to seek it out for my library. In particular I like the universalistic approach. So often those who associate themselves with a particular faith focus on making distinctions between themselves and others instead of finding the common bonds. Our earth, our mother holds that common bond and she often goes ignored. We treat Nature as a thing to be used instead of seeing her as part of ourselves. I feel an intense bond to Nature and it pains me greatly to see the damage done by so many. Perhaps then through our faiths we can be guided back to see the sacredness of Nature and realize that we all are one in the same spirit.

    Bright Blessings,



  3. Great news! Marian Van Eyk McCain, editor of GreenSpirit, will be speaking here in Columbia County for a special gathering on September 12.


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