Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

We have returned from Vermont, where near the pond by our temporary abode we found coltsfoot in bloom.

Coltsfoot in bloom, Easter 2010. Photo by Seth Rockmuller.

When we arrived home this afternoon, we found blossoming forsythia and daffodils, a beautiful Easter surprise.

It felt strange to be away from family, friends, and my spiritual communities for the holiday, but somehow the Easter Bunny managed to find me, and I awoke to find myself staring at a white chocolate rabbit on the bedside table. Since then, I have nibbled on it, but the clothes pin I used to reseal the wrapper makes for some great prosthetic ears! Seth liked it so much, he added ears to his larger nibbled bunny.

Easter Bunnies. They can hear you!

Now what will tomorrow bring . . .

Comments on: "Coltsfoot and Prosthetic Ears" (3)

  1. Love those ears!!!

    We found one glorious daffodil blooming this morning, a delightful Easter surprise.
    Dear friend, I hope your mini getaway was just what you needed.

    Spring Blessings,


    • Yes, the getaway was wonderful. My sister and her husband were able to help with The Matriarch, which made it possible.
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Haha! I love the bunnies! What a clever photo. They look so yummy:)


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