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Equinox Musings

This was the weekend of the Spring Equinox, a time when light and darkness are balanced, with light on the increase. In ages past, the Spring Equinox was the start of the New Year. The birthdays of many great mother goddesses were celebrated at this time. March 25 is dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Christianity, perhaps related to the powerful birthing feminine energy of this time of year.

Beginnings. Initiation. This is a time for reinvention of ourselves, which may be reflected in our outer lives as we begin afresh. At this place on the Wheel of the Year, I am seeking balance in my life as I move deeper into my work with Sanctuary Without Walls. Part of this process has been passing some of my responsibilities over to others, letting go.

In the Céile Dé tradition, this is the Feast of the New Spears, a time to rededicate ourselves to our callings, the ways we serve and bring the best of ourselves to others. We can renew commitment, or perhaps dedicate ourselves to a new project. (I also tend to think of asparagus when I think of the Feast of New Spears!)

Part of my dedication this Spring, in addition to planning SWW gatherings, has involved the work on the barn, which will provide a meeting place for those times when SWW or other groups cannot meet outdoors. It also will provide a new space for my studio. The interior is almost complete, but we are still waiting for electricity, and we need to sand and paint the floors and stairs.

Moving in? Maybe in April. We’ll see.

A Springtime invocation, part of a call to the directions offered at a ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Pittsfield, MA years ago:

Come Spirit of the East,

Spirit of Rebirth,

New Visions,

New Beginnings.

Help us to know

that we need not will our fresh starts,

Help us to know

that they will come effortlessly,

with the turning of the Wheel,

as day follows night,


as the sap begins to run each spring.

~ Barbara Haugen

Comments on: "Equinox Musings" (2)

  1. Happy Easter Katharine,
    I love the poem. It inspired me to look for a book I have…or thought I had until I realized I lent it to my sister! I couldn’t think of the name or I would have commented on this post sooner! Are you familiar with “The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons: The Circle of Life” by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr? I think you would enjoy it.
    Peace and Joy,


    • Hello, Chris, good to hear from you. Happy Eastertide!
      I know Joyce Rupp’s work – haven’t read that particular book, but I’ll look for it.
      Loving all the blossoming trees and flowers!
      Happy spring~


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