Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

At Home, Spiritually

This evening I attended an ecumenical Lenten service, as I did last week at this time. Area churches plan these services for each Wednesday evening of the Lenten season, with area ministers preaching on a given theme at one another’s churches. Soup and sandwiches are offered before each service, creating a time to connect with people from other religious communities.

Beyond my general fascination with religion and spirituality, I particularly enjoy these Lenten services because, of all the Christian services of the year, those offered during Lent are likely to get us thinking counter-culturally  about how we live our lives, about what is really important and foundational, and especially about what we need to release to be able to live more freely, deeply, and in touch with the source of life.

Metaphorically, I’ve been looking to my own backyard, to new spring plant life in particular, to feel my way into the new life that is promised at this time of year. Thus my previous post here was about clearing away winter debris so that new life (snow drops, crocuses, daffodils) can appear. I tend to think metaphorically about these things, seeking out the debris that clutters my life, and finding ways to clear it so that I can be more creative, more forgiving, more loving. This time of year offers me a chance to consciously do that.  Certainly the pre-Easter season is in anticipation of the new life that followers of Jesus find at this special time of year, when his risen spirit is recognized as being within us and among us. I understand resurrection, too, as metaphorical, akin to the cycles of life in nature.

I can’t help it. I was not raised as a literalist.

The church of my upbringing was Universalist (before the merger with Unitarians in the early 1960’s). In the sanctuary of my childhood one could see not only a Christian cross, but visual symbols for Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, and more. Our services were Christian in form, but far-reaching in content. That which is learned in childhood is close to the bone.

As I listened to the music and the message this evening in the little Congregational Church I hold dear, I thought about the astonishingly diverse and beautiful ways we each find meaning and purpose in our lives. As we left the church, in the west the last oranges of sunset hid behind the hills. In the blue-black sky, a gorgeous sliver of a moon lay on her back looking up at the stars, while Venus twinkled on the horizon below her. I am grateful that there are many places I can feel at home spiritually. Within and without walls.

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  1. Could you tell more about the pendant of multiple faiths? I feel a strong attraction to it. What’s it called? How available are they? Wouldn’t it be great if we all adopted one to carry and seek the light from other persons wearing one? Automatic kinship and love. At least, one could hope for it.


    michael j


  2. Sheila Labbe said:

    Katharine, I wish I could find a nice interfaith church I could feel at home in. This site makes me feel like searching for one. I love the interfaith pendant. Thank you for being such a positive influence!! Blessings!


    • Sheila, I can do a little research for you re locating a community. I’ll send you a FB message.
      Thanks for your comment!


    • Sheila Labbe,

      I just bought one. a silver one. Hope to have it when I travel to Omega Institute next month. There’s something about “interfaith” that turns me on. I feel like I can pick and choose from lots of different flavors and still know they’re all from the basic ice cream recipe.

      michael j


  3. What a beautiful mediation of the Lenten season. You’ve summed it up quite nicely. Thank you for sharing. It really has the potential to be a season of inner transformation and further self-realization, I think.
    I also like your page’s new template!
    Peace and joy,


    • Thank you, Chris, for your comment on my post – and also for noticing the new template. It’s very colorful; maybe it is the spring-like weather that prompted me to try it.


  4. What a lovely post and meditation. Happy Spring! If any of your readers are in the New England area, we at Tree of Life Interfaith Temple would love to have them join us for our once-a-month services! We also have the Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary: As the Crow Flies, Discover Your Direct Path Toward God. This is a 2 year course of study culminating in ordination as an interfaith minister. Our 1st year of classes is wrapping up after a very successful beginning and we’re so excited to be registering new students to start in the Fall!

    Many blessing to you!



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