Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

This evening I will gather with women friends outdoors to walk a snowy labyrinth illuminated by ice lanterns and the full moon. What could be more magical for this weekend of Imbolc / Candlemas / Brigit’s Day? This full moon will arrive at perigee, the place on its non-circular orbit when it’s at its closest point, a distance of 221,577 mi. (356,593 km.) from Earth. It will be the biggest full moon of 2010. The moon will exert a strong pull on the ocean tides at this time. Pause, close your eyes, quiet your self: as a watery creature, can you feel the moon’s pull?

On Sunday, we of Caim an t’ Stratha of the Céile Dé will gather with members of a nearby Catholic church to weave Brigid’s crosses with locally gathered rushes. In the Celtic calendar, Imbolc brought the first harbingers of Spring, but now my snowdrops are under snow, and an Arctic front has given us bone-chilling temperatures. It’s a time for hearth and home. Light some candles, for the light is growing.  It’s good to know that the snowdrops are there, awaiting their time.


Comments on: "The Full Moon, Candles, and Brigid’s Crosses" (4)

  1. This is why I have been having vivid dreams for the past few nights! I will be making beeswax candles with the girls to celebrate, going out and finding the moon, though we have lots of snow forecast few the next few days, hope to have clear skies, hope to see her!

    I wish I had a circle of women folk around me at this time, like you. My soul needs this sort of kinship, candles, moon and all, I will be with you in spirit, light a candle for me, I will do the same for you.

    x Lou


    • Thanks for your comment. Yes, a candle will be shining for you.
      It’s never too late to gather a circle of women, even if it’s only one or two others.
      Wishing you light and warmth!


  2. we are looking at having an imbolc dinner/candle lighting festival here, too.


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