Spiritual sustenance, naturally.


A quick note before we leave for Boston to pick up our daughter who is flying home from Ireland:

The beehive huts at the top of Skellig Michael;

the dazzling blue ocean;

the Western cliffs;

the mist filled, mossy woodlands;

…the monastic ruins.

They are calling.  I’m eager to hear about my daughter’s Ireland adventures. Someday I will return to that magical place.

Comments on: "Ireland" (4)

  1. Sigh … When can we go back!


  2. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    The Irish are and perhaps always have been profound mystics ~ I’ve seen all these ancient sites, and never fail to be inspired by the pensive moods they invoke… the weather, the land and its challenging history give much and ask much of the Irish people. We feel drawn in, yet it’s not for the faint of heart. May we hear more, please!


    • Yes, indeed, not for the faint of heart. We found a man willing to ferry us to Skellig Michael in his small boat on a chilly, foggy day. As we climbed the craggy rocks to the ruins of the tiny former monastic settlement high at the top, it was the fog that saved me. I couldn’t see the perilous drop to the ocean below. Even so, one woman was reduced to crawling up on her stomach. She did not make it to the top. That climb has been an initiatory ritual for many pilgrims! This comment is getting a bit long; so perhaps a post is called for. Our visit was in 2004. My husband took the photos above.
      By the way, my daughter arrived safely today, very sad and sorry to leave beautiful Ireland, even though Ireland experienced its coldest weather in 60 years during her stay.


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