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The Year of the Barn

In seeking an indoor space for meetings, as well as a space to do my textile artwork, we have been working on the upper story of the old carriage barn. After replacing the roof, the first task was to clear out decades of accumulated stuff.

Next, we found that the sill had rotted, though the foundation was fine. So the sill and some of the siding were replaced, at the back of the barn:

And at both sides:

Windows were replaced in the lowest level of the back (the horse stalls), and added to the front and back of the barn on the top level.

Two windows, one at each end, will be added to the side walls on the top floor. The interior staircase is in place, and now insulation, electrical and interior walls are in process. When the indoor work is done, and the weather is warm enough, we’ll scrape, paint, and beautify.

Meanwhile, going through a lifetime of /stuff/ has been intense.  It has called for a life retrospective, which is appropriate, difficult, and liberating. “Let It Go” has been my mantra.

This is The Year of the Barn.

Comments on: "The Year of the Barn" (7)

  1. Theadora Davitt-Cornyn said:

    How lovely to see this old barn being renewed, Katharine. When I was growing up in Watertown (172 Winslow, corner of Gotham!) we had an old barn that was the same age as the house (125 years in the 1940s). I loved to play in and around it, and even bear a scar to this day from a deep scratch on my upper arm ~ from a rusty nail… there was also a small grove of duchess plum trees nearby, where in midwinter, I’d hang sheets and put down scatter rugs to make a small outdoor apartment! Then I’d pay very close attention to look for the first lily of the valleys to pop up earlier than another other plant to signal that Spring was on its way. I still love that fragrance to this day! See what memories your wonderful barn renovation has inspired? ;-D


    • Thanks for sharing your memories, Theadora. I have very fond memories of playing in the big barn next to my grandparents’ house in New Hampshire. But most of the memories aroused by the barn project are of my teen and college years (memorabilia), raising three children, and the many different forms that my work has taken over the years. There is much that I wish to pass on, materially and otherwise.


  2. What a lovely blog you have, Katharine! Make sure to post on FB whenever you update here!

    I’m excited to see your barn renovations!


    • Deirdre,
      Thank you for visiting my new blog. You must come to the barn party when the work on it is finished (although its been my experience that such renovations are never really completely “finished”….). Hmmm. Kind-of like humans. We’re never “finished.”


  3. Jay Aronson said:

    I totally love your website/blog. I was devouring it this evening. Please sign me up for a day or two of scraping and painting… not professional, but willing… and free.


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