Spiritual sustenance, naturally.

Simple Candle

Tonight, it is simple.

The room is quiet. I turn out the light. On the table is a beeswax votive candle in a small red glass candle holder. I light a match, which flares and crackles; I touch it to the wick.

Sitting on the floor with the candle on a table at eye level, I gaze steadily at the flame. The room has no drafts, so the flame is still. I gaze, and when the time feels right, I close my eyes. The flame remains, glowing on the inside of my eyelids.

I watch this inner flame. Thoughts arise; I simply notice them, and return my attention to the inner flame. When the inner image has finally faded, I open my eyes, blow out the candle, and relaxed, climb into bed. Tonight, it is simple.

Comments on: "Simple Candle" (2)

  1. A beautifully simple homage to what’s real. May that same flame forever keep you warm.


  2. Thank you, Br. Anthony, for your comment. Your blog looks intriguing. I hope to pay it a proper visit on the weekend.


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