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Archive for December 31, 2009

Blue Moon

Today, the last day of 2009, is a Blue Moon. Two full moons in one month – do you feel the pull of this blue moon in your body as it tugs on the Earth’s waters? What will well up in you at this turning time?

Today I gaze in and back at the past year, one of many ups and downs, chaos showing me my weakness and my strength, and I feel the tug. This is Janus’s time, a threshold time between past and future.

Today, as I stand on this cusp, I feel my drowsy roots begin to tingle with the hidden knowledge of  the growing light. I draw up winter sustenance, grateful for the warmth that family-friend-fires offer. Possibilities abound; I sense them tugging below my awareness. Blue moonstruck! May we be wise, loving, and strong as we dance the ebb and flow of the New Year.