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Blue Moon

Today, the last day of 2009, is a Blue Moon. Two full moons in one month – do you feel the pull of this blue moon in your body as it tugs on the Earth’s waters? What will well up in you at this turning time?

Today I gaze in and back at the past year, one of many ups and downs, chaos showing me my weakness and my strength, and I feel the tug. This is Janus’s time, a threshold time between past and future.

Today, as I stand on this cusp, I feel my drowsy roots begin to tingle with the hidden knowledge of  the growing light. I draw up winter sustenance, grateful for the warmth that family-friend-fires offer. Possibilities abound; I sense them tugging below my awareness. Blue moonstruck! May we be wise, loving, and strong as we dance the ebb and flow of the New Year.


The new year seems like an appropriate time for sharing with the wider world SWS’s spiritual practices, images, and other musings and information.  Spirituality is about our human spirit, our experience of those things (and not-things) within us and around us which open us to new possibilities: interconnection, love, compassion, forgiveness, and creativity in our lives. As the new year unfolds, watch this blog for posts about nature, spirituality, awakening, peace, and finding one’s way in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. Welcome to my personal explorations on Sanctuary Without Walls!